Saturday, 4 October 2008

What Did I MIss?

Blimey, dip out of things for a week and everything changes. The top Policeman, the odious Ian Blair, has been ordered to pack up his truncheon and sod off by the equally odious Boris Johnson while Peter Mandelson is once again back in the Cabinet for a third time after twice previously being sacked for abusing his position.
The obscene law that stopped Gurkha's from moving to the UK has finally been overturned and there are protests over a bunch of students dressing up in Nazi style uniforms and making another group of drunk students walk about with carrier bags over there heads in an initiation ceremony. TK Maxx are doing there bit for knife crime by selling jackets with knives attached and Bradford & Bingley are the latest bank to feel the cold chill of the mismanaged financial markets.
Internationally, American taxpayers were finally stiffed good and proper over the $700b handout to the financial markets and Biden failed to knock Palin out of the running despite having enough material to kick her backside so hard she would literally have been talking out of her arse.
A hard right political party have picked up the reins in Austria and North Korea have started building their Nuclear weapons again.
Tottenham are still super-glued to the bottom of the league so somethings haven't changed.


Cheezy said...

The funniest thing about Boris sacking Blair was that it came in the same week that the Shadow Tory Home Secretary promised that a Conservative government wouldn't step in and make political appointments to government departments - that they'd devolve power and let them run themselves... Well, clearly!

But looking on the positive side, it's only when Boris does something dictatorial and/or hypocritical that we know that we actually have a Mayor! He hasn't exactly been what you'd call 'busy' has he?

As for the Biden/Palin debate, I think Joe was told that no one likes a smarty-pants, and that folksy 'Bushisms' like "doggone" and "gee whillakers" go down rather better in Nascarville, than do pointy-headed facts and figures. A bit of a goalless draw then. Much better was the Katie Couric interview with Sarah, which managed to elicit the following hilarious conclusion about global warming:

"But it kind of doesn't matter at this point, as we debate what caused it. The point is: it's real; we need to do something about it."

Unbelievable. It's as if the earth is a mess that one of her absurdly named kids has made on the living room floor... "It doesn't matter who caused it, I want it cleaned up!". Sounds like it hasn't occurred to her that if it's us who has caused it, by our behaviour, then we have to change that behaviour... right? Obviously this is one step on from Sarah's thinking...

As for poor old Spurs, I'm actually going to White Hart Lane tomorrow, to see if we can do what the Arse couldn't do last week... that is, avoid losing to Hull! Wish us luck :)

Cody Bones said...

Don't forget about the Cubs upholding 100 years of futility by giving up the first two games to the Dodgers.

Lucy said...

We struggled to a draw against Sunderland today so it seems we are going to struggle against the lesser teams. You may have a chance against us this year then.

Don't worry Cody, you are still winning the best named player award K. Fukudome. Top of the 4th with the bases loaded etc etc.