Thursday, 30 October 2008

US Plans In Czech Rep Wobbling

The push by the Czech Republic to replace Britain as Americas fawning poodle in Europe has suffered a setback as the ruling parties got their bottoms smacked in the Czech Senate Elections by the less US orientated Social Democrat Party who are opposed to the planned stationing of the US radar base on Czech soil.
The good people of the Czech Republic have overwhelming rejected the plan for their country to become part of the George Bush missile defence system which has so angered Russia with good reason.
The US plan, which would also see interceptor missiles placed in Poland, is to protect Europe and America from future attacks from rogue nations such as Iran and is certainly not aimed at Russia according to the smirking bods in Washington despite it being placed directly on Russia's doorstep.
The Governing coalition now face the danger of imploding and facing an early election which would see them turfed out by the electorate and the plans for America siting missiles in Europe suffering a blow.
Poland's leaders are also coming under pressure to resist the US plan with Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski under threat of being unseated by an electorate where the majority are against Poland hosting the American missiles.
Maybe we will be adding two more leaders to the George W Bush effect that has already seen Tony Blair, José María Aznar and John Howard removed by the electorate or their own Party largely due to their associations with the toxic Texan.


David G said...

One can't really put all the blame on the Toxic Texan, Lucy!

After all, he didn't have the intelligence to think of anything by himself (and that he served two terms is an indictment of the American people).

No, his right-wing minders are the ones to blame, the ideologues and control freaks who believe in Manifest Destiny and universality of the American Dream and all that crap!

Fortunately folk outside America are starting to wake up to what America is really all about: World control.

We can but hope.

Noah "Nog" M. said...

What "rogue nation" is going to just attack Poland? Iran? Yeah, right. Russia isn't planning on it anytime soon. What's the point? Saber rattling? Probably. Oh, maybe Bush wants to protect them from the Slovaks. That's it! Those rogue Slovak fiends! And Lithuania too!

Let the Europeans defend Europe.


David G said...

"Let the Europeans defend Europe," says our Nog. Hear, hear!

And let Americans remove all of their foreign military bases and retreat back to their own country and stay there and mind their own bloody business for a change.

Go home, Yanks. Hear, hear!

Cheezy said...

I hope those f*cking Georgians don't get nukes...

For one thing, it was make Alabamans and Floridians really nervous... ;)

David G said...

Those Toxic Texans get really twitchy too, cheezy.

They suffer from a lot of in-breeding, I believe. Look at George W. Others are even worse!

Cheezy said...

On a more serious note, I genuinely hope that Georgia (the one between Russia and Turkey) doesn't get nukes... That Saakashvili guy was 99% responsible for the recent contretemps and strikes me as being a real twat.

Anonymous said...


Texas is about the size of Australia and has fewer people.

Someone from Australia might not want to bring up the topic of in-breeding ;-)


Lucy said...

I agree nog but defend Europe from who? The biggest threats seem to come from ourselves with people like the Georgian twat (Cheezys words), i prefer to call him a tosspot.

David G said...

Do you know why Texans swagger,Q? Apparently they wear diapers until quite late in childhood, six or seven.

And do you know why Texans drawl? Intellectually, they're quite slow!