Thursday, 29 November 2007

Celebrity Endorsements

As the US election enters that nail biting final 11 months stage, nothing encapsulates the nature of politics better than than the traditional scramble to sign up duff celebrities to one's cause. And there's nothing which so neatly confirms a star's self-love as the belief that their patronage matters.
Congratulations, then, to the Obama campaign which this week followed its enviable acquisition of Eddie Murphy and Tom Hanks to it's cause by getting an endorsement from Oprah Winfrey.
There does seem to be a culture of celebrities crossing into politics blissfully unaware that most voters don't really gives a toss what they think about fiscal policy just because they have been on TV at some point.
USA Today has a list of who the main contenders for the Presidency have managed to bag for their cause with Obama seeming to lead the way as the man the Hollywood celebrity should be seen with this season.
Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Tobey Maguire, Edward Norton, Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Ed Norton, Gene Wilder, Michael Douglas, Steve Martin, Paul Newman, Paul Simon, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and of course Oprah have all nailed their colours to the Obama mast.
Hilary Clinton can rely upon Hugh Hefner, Chevy Chase, Jerry Springer, 50 cent, Barbra Streisand, Christie Brinkley, Barry Manilow, Rosie O’Donnell and Rob Reiner to give her a foot massage when the going gets tough.
It seems that backing a Republican is as popular as a condom machine in the Vatican because poor old Rudy Giuliani only has the endorsement of two celebrities, Kelsey Grammer and Adam Sandler although he has been backed by Pat Robertson and his legion of crazed religious fundamentalists.
It seems that the world of celebrity is telling you to stick to the day job Rudy. Whatever that is.



Miz UV said...

I'm sure if Milton Berle were still around he'd be endorsing Rudy.

But what I really need to know is whom does Valerie Bertinelli support? She's my hero.

Cody Bones said...


Who would John Wayne vote for? A question that doesn't get asked nearly often enough, in my opinion.

Cheezy said...

"whom does Valerie Bertinelli support?"

Valerie... well, as the wife of Eddie Van Halen she could probably empathise with someone with a much more famous and more talented husband, so I dunno, who do you think she's vote for?... ;)

"Who would John Wayne vote for?"

Well, wasn't John a big fan of Vietnam? The war I mean, not the country. So he'd probably be keen as mustard on the upcoming bombing of Iran. And oh yeah, from memory, didn't he also rat out someone to the Un-American Activities Committee?

Shucks, it sounds like he might be a Thompson man to me!

(...Cheezy runs away quickly insisting it's all only a joke...)

On a more sincere note, anyone who decides who to vote for based on the preferences of people like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Barry Manilow, or any other celebrity for that matter, is not approaching the ballot box with the requisite seriousness, in my opinion.

Joe the Troll said...

"as the wife of Eddie Van Halen she could probably empathise with someone with a much more famous and more talented husband"

Ouch. Being compared unfavorably to that waste of DNA has GOT to hurt.

The celeb thing is nothing new, it's been going on as long as there have been both celebrities and politicians. People don't complain because an actor promotes a politician or a cause. They complain only when the cause or politician is one they don't like.

Cheezy said...

"Ouch. Being compared unfavorably to that waste of DNA has GOT to hurt."

Yeah, I know. I actually changed my mind about that just as soon as I clicked 'Publish'! Unfair...

Maybe Valerie doesn't vote at all. Doesn't want to encourage them.

annie said...

that was my first thought cheezy...she probably doesn't vote.

the celebrity lists only reinforces my disgust with the "top" democrats. i could care less. sadly, it illustrates how surface and shallow (and uninformed)we continue to be.

Daniel said...

One would've thought that, following the unbelievable fiasco of George Bush (which still isn't over), Americans would be wanting to get rid of the office of the President rather than becoming heavily involved with electing yet another one!

One would've thought...

Lucyp said...

Didn't i read somewhere about John Wayne dodging the draft in WW2 to carry on making films and even getting a bit of a kicking from some GI's in a bar over it?
Anyway, i love the celebrity endorsement bit because i think inside their own little minds they picture people standing in the voting booth and mulling over that they were going to vote for Obama but if he isn't good enough for that guy who played Frasier...

Joe the Troll said...

I just did a little research into that, Lucy. First, he was 34 years old at the time the war began, and had a family, so he got a family deferment. When he was re-classified as 1-A it was his studio that intervened. So while he did not technically avoid the draft, he never rushed in to enlist, either, maybe because of the film company's threat to sue him if he did. I think those that would call him a draft dodger are of the same stripe as those who would call Clinton one, but not Cheney.

Daniel and Bush seem to have something in common after all. They'll both repeat a stupid idea ad nauseum, in the hopes that the repetition will eventually lend the idea some semblance of intelligence. Cody asked you what solutions you had in mind the last time you suggested this, and you ran away with your tail between your legs. Did you come up with something, or is this just more gas ?

How come I can only comment with a Google account today? I usually put a link to my main blog in instead.

Lucyp said...

I just vaguely recalled something that i had read, seen, been told or somehow subconsciously taken in
about John Wayne and WW2 Joe.

Joe the Troll said...

I had never heard of it before, that's why I Googled it. It was pretty plain that you weren't putting it forward as fact, though. You were obviously asking, not stating.

Daniel said...

I guess, Joe, Americans must be so indoctrinated with how marvellous their political system is (and they are) that, like sheep, they are incapable of considering urgent change even when it's so bloody obvious to everyone else in the world.

BBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Was that easier for you to understand, Joe?

Joe the Troll said...

It still states nothing, Daniel. What is so difficult about giving an example, if you are as smart as you want me to think you are? You act as if you have superior intelligence and you are OH so snotty but we've asked you three times what you suggest we have instead of a President and you've said nothing. If you can't answer the question, get off your high horse. Snottiness doesn't cut it, little man.

Cheezy said...

Daniel- Most of your comments appear to indicate that you think 'indoctrinated' Americans somehow think with one mind and are all one type of person. A type that you don't care for.

In my experience however, you'll find as wide an array of political opinions in the States as you will anywhere else - wider, if anything.

And while there are undoubtedly some people who treat Fox News as, well, the news, there are many others who are incredibly clued-up about what's been happening in their country over the past few years and are about as far from being 'indoctrinated' as it's possible to get.

In case it's not obvious to you, Joe is in the second group.

If I were you, I'd start treating with a 'clean slate', regardless of where they come from. You might just be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

To do otherwise is borderline racism. Or, in fact, actual racism.

Joe the Troll said...

Thank you, Cheezy. I hope you do take that Trans-American trip someday.

Daniel said...

Dear Troll, Cheezy and Bones, is it true that you are identical triplets?


Cheezy said...

If you're basing that remark on my comment that it's best to judge people as you find them - rather than just by their nationality - then I'd guess that I must have many many more 'siblings', not just Joe and Cody.

Most people I know seem to take this position.

Joe the Troll said...

At least he's put me in good company, while simultaneously proving me right in my assertions that he has no real ideas to share and that he is not yet mature enough to handle discussions like this.

Lucyp said...

You have got your guns trained on the wrong targets on this Daniel. Joe and Cody are two of the most intelligent American bloggers i have come across. Cody is almost my ideological opposite but i have nothing but admiration for the way he presents his arguments and he has been nothing but pleasant to encounter on the web. You only have to read Joe's blog to realise that he has a tremendous, and thoughtful, grip on issues and is anything but the indoctrinated American you perceive him to be.
He is infact the opposite and is a genuinely nice and decent guy.
Cheezy I quite eerily agree with on almost everything and is one of the funniest and nicest bloggers i have met.
If you gave them a chance Daniel i hope you would see what i see in them. All three are the type of bloggers we should happy to rub along with because there are plenty of less talented people out writing things we should be getting angry about and challenging. Not these 3.

Joe the Troll said...

Why, Miss Lucy, I declare! You are lahkly to turn mah haayed....... :-)

Thanks for the kind words.

Cheezy said...

"Cheezy I quite eerily agree with on almost everything"

Damn straight. We've put all that unpleasant Arsenal/Spurs thing behind us.... until December the 22nd ;-)

Daniel said...

Dear Lucy, I have been contributing regularly to your blog for well over a year and I have had ample opportunity to form an opinion of the triplets!

Regarding your 'guns trained' observation, I see it as acting more in self-defense.

The main reason I come under regular attack is because my views are not stereotypical and predictable. I admit to getting very frustrated with sheeple who never want anything to change!

Anyway, the last thing I would want is to cause any problems on your blog so I'll quietly withdraw.

Take care of yourself and good luck!

Joe the Troll said...

"The main reason I come under regular attack is because my views are not stereotypical and predictable."

Wrong. The main reason is the fact that your views are never backed up with anything. We ask you what you suggest, specifically, and get in return only snottiness.

No one asked you to leave, either. Lucy is very clear when she asks someone not to return. Just ask Mark. I certainly hope you aren't going to play victim for sympathy - that's already been done to the hilt.