Thursday, 8 November 2007

Nothing Changing

With the upcoming peace conference between Palestine and Israel, the pro and anti both lobbies are sharpening their tongues ready to blame each other if it flops and as the concurrent posts Cody and I put up recently shows, my sympathies lay more with the Palestinians than the Israelis.
Even more so when headlines like 'Israeli bid to cut Gaza electricity' fill the newspapers.
It was only the Israeli supreme court that has delayed a move by Israel to cut the electricity supply to the Hamas-administered Gaza Strip, after appeals from 10 human rights organisations.
The appeals argued that cutting the supply of electricity to Gaza would be illegal collective punishment because Israel controls most of Gaza's electricity and all its fuel after the Israeli air force destroyed the only electric power plant there last year.
Also reported yesterday was that, despite the Israeli government's commitments to the contrary, Israel is building intensively in its West Bank settlements.
The report said there is now construction in 88 settlements, despite halting settlement growth being one of the first steps Israel was supposed to take under the US-backed "road map" peace plan.
I am finding it impossible to see Israel as the victims here.


Paula said...

While I support Israel in general, I don't support the building of more settlements in disputed areas and wish they would stop.

Daniel said...

No fair-minded person who knows anything at all about the truth of the Palestinian situation could possibly support Israel (the Jewish homeland).

The so-called 'Peace Conference' is yet another diversion to hide Israeli imperialism and genocide!