Saturday, 10 November 2007

Different Types Of Military Crackdowns

Gordon Brown has been strangely quiet on what is happening in Pakistan and the President/Commander in Chief of the US Military took his time to give the Pakistan Military Chief/President a hard time about being head of the military/President at the same time.
Compare that to Burma where we condemned that Government for it's lack of democracy and the crackdown on protests quicker than you can say 'how many sniper rifles can i put you down for?'
Following Musharraf's military coup in 1999, the UK restricted arms exports to Pakistan but we kissed and made up after it became such a vital cog in the war against terror.
Last year we sold him £75m worth of military equipment and exported goods worth over £500m. UK's exports of goods to Burma in 2006 amounted to £3.2m.
The British Government responded with calling for sanctions against the Burmese Government for their military crackdown while the Pakistan Presidents crackdown is to be given fashion tips and told to take off his uniform.
Obviously, beating and jailing protesting Burmese Monks is a much worse Human Rights violation than beating and jailing Pakistan judges.
About £500 million pounds worth of exports worse actually.

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