Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hello World

Hello All.
As Lucy goes off to serve her time at her Majesty's pleasure or whatever it is she is doing for the next few months, i have offered to step into the breach and either keep this blog ticking over or run it into the ground whatever happens first.
What you won't get from me is cutting satire, philosophical political pieces or any of that left wing or right wing stuff Lucy previously managed to fill her once fine blog with. My brief is to write about anything that i see on the TV or read in the newspaper that pisses me off and as i tend to spend quite a bit of my day saying to people how much that thing i saw on TV or read in the newspaper pissed me off, this should be a doddle.
Expect spelling mistakes, bad grammar, bad language, the wrong punctuation turning up in weird places and badly thought out, half arsed ideas about how to right the worlds wrongs. I'm not a journalist, a philosopher, a wordsmith or an intellectual in any way, shape or form. I'm not a vegetarian, i have never been on a demonstration in my life and the only left and right wings i understand are on the football field.
I will be wrong more times than i am right, be rude to anyone rude to me and use the medium of Lucy's blog to slag off anyone who says bad things about me, what i write about or Portsmouth FC.
Okay, so armed with Lucy's google reader, her Blog roll and a rather long list of things to do and things to don't do, let's see how long i can go before Lucy changes the passwords. First job, how to change it from Lucy to Paul and not delete everything else.


Cheezy said...

Blimey, this is a turn up! Au revoir Lucy and hello Paul. You obviously realise you've got a tough act to follow here (although not being an Arsenal fan is an excellent start, in my opinion) but I'll definitely be checking back here regularly to see how you're getting on!

Noah "Nog" M. said...

The Queen is dead, long live the King!

Noah "Nog" M. said...

Oh, and a Blogger blog can have multiple named bloggers. Just have yourself added as an additional one

Annie said...

Welcome, Paul. If you know Lucy, you're alright!

Paul said...

Thank you for the warm welcome.
I am around until mid April when Lucy will be returning and wanting her blog back. This is just a temporary arrangement so i get to try my hand at blogging and she gets a break.

Jodie Kash said...

Where's our girl gone to? And hello ;)

Paul said...

She is officially taking a break Jodie but unofficially, she is letting me have a go because i am a bit of a nag.