Sunday, 22 February 2009

Paid For By Stanford

While English cricket recovers from its dalliance with Allen Stanford, there was been a story in the newspapers a few months back that at the time made me laugh, and must be giving a giggle to those who have had their fingers burnt by Mr Stanford.
Last year Allen Stanford got up a West Indies 11 to play England at a tournament of five cricket matches. The winning players to receive a million dollars each, donated from Stanford's own pocket.
Captain was Jamaican captain Chris Gayle and this is where it gets pant wettingly funny.
During the tournament, while Stanford was proudly watching his team beat England, Gayle was giving his own special type of delivery to Stanford's girlfriend at the time.
As a member of the winning side, Stanford then had to present him with a cheque for a million dollars. Hilarious and well played that man.

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