Saturday, 4 July 2009

Aye Eye Tony

We all know that Tony Blair was one of the most disliked men to ever live in number 10 and it is understandable that during his time in office he ticked off a lot of people but who would want to give him a black eye? I would suggest forming an orderly queue but it would be quicker to ask who didn't want to give him a black eye.
The official answer to the question about Blair's shiner is that he 'did it in the gym' but whacking himself in the face with the handle of the bull worker is just too easy.
Just for a change, let's believe what the former PM is saying and take him at his word that he is just a clumsy bugger who shouldn't be allowed around gym equipment without adult supervision. Then let's hope that he turned up at a NHS hospital for treatment, one that had been forced to close wards, cut staff or cancel operations due to underfunding.
"Mr Blair is in Room 4 Stan. Better call a surgeon to remove my boot from where i just put it".
The man briefed with the task of bringing peace to the middle east after doing so much to bring war to it, was at an award ceremony receiving a medal for his contribution to British relations with India. Maybe not his parties contribution to the passport office on behalf of the dodgy arms trading billionaire Hinduja brothers especially but it will look good on his CV, just below the deleted details of the medal he received from George W Bush for being his staunch and steadfast ally.

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