Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jermaine Insulting Everyone

After the initial shock of the death of Michael Jackson, i have happily ignored the nonsense that came afterwards such as the laughably bad memorial and rubbish written about him which attempted to elevate him above the decent, but washed up, performer that he was.
One thing did catch my eye today though on the front page of a few of the newspapers.
A quote by Jermaine Jackson requesting that his brother isn't 'sharing the ground with other people who are not good human beings'. He explains that 'at those places they bury people who have done bad things in their life'.
Who are these bad people that Jermaine doesn't want his brother mixing with in death? The general public apparently.
Now i don't know what sort of people get interned at the Forest Lawn public cemetery in Los Angeles but they would have to be real bad guys to out do a man who not once, but twice, faced charges of child abuse and paid a $23m out of court settlement to one to drop the charges. The 2005 court case also revealed another child who received $2.4m hush money in 1990 from Jackson.
If i am being charitable i could make excuses about Jermaine's judgement being clouded by grief and put this insulting quote down to that but i think that he really does think that the public is bad and his brother was a saint. I seem to remember that the Jackson family had no problem taking the money from these 'bad people' when he was alive but shudder at the thought of them actually sharing space with him now that he's dead.
The question should be do the relatives of those buried at Forest Lawn want such a bad man buried with them.

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