Thursday, 17 December 2009

2009 Person Of The Year

Time magazine have handed the 2009 crown for Person of the year to Ben Bernanke for the job he did preventing an economic catastrophe. I guess they mean the economic catastrophe that we did get as opposed to the economic catastrophe we could have had.
It isn't that easy to pick out anyone who really deserves it from 2009 although there has been some men and women who have made us sit up a bit this year and not all for good reasons.
2009 was probably kindest to Susan Boyle who began the year as a strange looking Scottish woman and ended it as a strange looking Scottish woman with a number one album.
The sudden exposure put her under as much strain as her waistline put on her ankles but after a trip to the Priory, hairdressers and beauticians, Simon Cowell knocked out a SuBo karaoke album of ballads and show tunes and tried to make her into the new Elaine Page.
Not that i begrudge Boyle her 6 months of fame, good for her and i hope she makes enough money to keep her cat in tuna for the rest of its life but enough already.
As much as Cowell and Piers Morgan may tell us, our own ears prove that she is nothing more than an average singer who would be embarrassed up against the likes of Katherine Jenkins or Leona Lewis who are this country's best warblers.
Well done SuBo, now retire gracefully please.


Anonymous said...


my vote is split between Annie for excleent speeling, and David G for his ability to turn any post into an anti-American rant


Anne said...

vote for me and i'll set you free!

Anonymous said...

boom - i vote for annie!

annie, david didn't really have a chance since he censored (sp?) my comments on his blog...


David G. said...

Author : q (IP: ,
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good thing there are bad words or extremism here!


N.B. This was the comment that I deleted because, to me, it made no sense. Perhaps someone on your blog might find something instructive in it, Lucy!

Falling on a bruise said...

It's q's humour. It took me a while to adjust to it but i can tell now when he is joking and when he is serous. I think he may have missed out the word 'no' before bad. I left a comment at a blog the other day and accidently mis-typed 'busy' as 'busty' when i was asked how i have been. Was my face red.

Mary B. said...

I think he may have missed out the word 'no' before bad. I left a comment at a blog the other day and accidently mis-typed 'busy' as 'busty' when i was asked how i have been. Was my face red.

Falling on a bruise said...

Me too Mary, what a coincidence.

Cody Bones said...

If I keep eating and drinking like I have lately, "Busty" might not be outside the realm of possibility.

Daniel, it's always nice to have you and your wackiness back, and I'm glad to see that your over your latest tantrum. Can I wish you a happy solstice, or is that verboten as well?

David G. said...

Cody, in terms of people trying to make the world we live in a better place, all that I can see you doing that is positive is offering readers of your nebulous comments a picture of your dog!

Perhaps in the New Year, you might make a resolution to be more relevant to the world you live in!

Happy Xmas.

Cody Bones said...

I'll do my best Danny boy, I'll do my best.

Besides, I like the picture of the dog

Anonymous said...


you're right. i left out the "no".

one of david's followers posted a comment along the lines of "...there are no bad words or extremism on your blog..."

i thought it was funny because for two reasons because:

the third word on that particular page posted by one of his followers was "shit" - you tell me if it is a bad word... i used it...


the "extremism" speaks for itself - david advocates eliminating all religion (and religious people), going back to an 1800's life style (which i could deal with but don't think is going to happen), and establishing a world government presumably with him in charge (i know it was a mean comment but when has he ever acted civil to anyone that disagress with him?)...