Sunday, 28 March 2010

It's Goodnight From Me & Hello From Him

I started blogging in 2005 on Lucy's View before moving to Falling On A Bruise in 2007 and i have enjoyed writing every one of the 1000+ posts that i have committed to the Internet on both of these sites.
The most enjoyable part was the chance to interact with many people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and ideologies. We may not have always agreed but i have relished the rough and tumble as we threw our ideological ideas at each other in the comments section.
Blogging takes a surprising amount of time to do properly and i have not been able to dedicate the time needed to this blog for quite some time so i have asked a good friend who ran the excellent 23:59 blog and was dislillusioned with wordpress if he fancied taking it over. I hated the idea of just leaving it to rot after so long.
He agreed and you will find the name Hanz at the bottom of the posts from now on instead of mine.
I would like to thank everyone who has ever visited this blog, and special thanks to those who stuck around for the duration, to either agree or to point out why my musings were so wrong. All comments were appreciated and regardless of how you received my tree hugging, hippy nonsense, i sincerely wish you all the best and leave you with a heartfelt quote from two of our finest philosophers: 'Be excellent to each other.' Bill & Ted. 1989.