Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Another great idea

When i was younger i had a great travel idea after we had got lost once again and dad had sat folding and unfolding a huge map of the South coast on the car bonnet for 20 minutes before giving up and asking directions from a passer-by.
Why didn't someone, i thought, make and sell individual maps of all the British cities small enough to fit in a plastic holder sat on the car dashboard but big enough to contain all the cities streets. Nobody would be lost in a strange city ever again.
30 years later and Sat-Navs do this job and gone was my fortune and the chance to clutter up the dashboard of cars with little plastic maps.
Now is the time to mention my latest idea which i will do nothing about but whinge i thought of it when someone else does, cars that drive themselves.
We have automatic cars that change gears already and there are plenty of machines around that contain the technology to avoid objects in its path, why not marry the two together? All that's needed is a way to regulate the speed for certain areas, 30mph for built up areas and 70mph for motorways and hey presto, put the destination post code in the sat nav and sit back and watch your car drive you safely there.
No more car crashes, speeding tickets, driving into ditches or bored kids sat inside a car on a hot summers day while the parents try and work out where the hell we are.
Alternatively, how about a small plastic map that fits inside a plastic holder on your dashboard? Cheaper than a sat-nav.

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