Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Katherine Jenkins

The lady to the left is Katherine Jenkins. There is no real reason for me to post a picture of her, she hasn't done anything particularly interesting or controversial, just got herself a part in the Dr Who Christmas Special.
What i will admit to is having a humongous crush on her.
Not only is she beautiful, there are plenty of beautiful women around, but more importantly she is nice.
You never hear of her involved in any scandal, she has never appeared topless or posing in just her knickers in lads magazines, suffers no diva tantrums, is always smiling and nobody ever has a bad word to say about her.
She sings Opera, apparently very well, and she never wins in any popularity contests where the likes of the more media hungry Cheryl Cole who are more ready to strip off sweep up.
Katherine just goes about doing what she does under the radar of most with very little of the spotlight.
Beauty, talent, humility and modesty in one package is very rare. If only more girls aspired to her as a role model rather than the likes of Katie Price or Victoria Beckham.


Cheezy said...

Yeah, she's fit. I hadn't heard she's going to be in Doctor Who... it almost makes up for James Corden being in it. Almost.

Falling on a bruise said...

I didnlt know Corden was in it. I donlt know if it's that annoying high pitched laugh he does but i just don't rate him but he seems to be everywhere lately.

Cheezy said...

He's deeply unfunny, but doesn't seem to know it. I think that's the nub of the problem.