Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 Predictions

I do admit to gaining some satisfaction from psychics predicting events and then being made to look foolish when they don't happen. The fact that most of these psychics and mediums charge people for their services when they are so woeful at predicting world events or keep them so vague that anything could be shoehorned in makes it even worse so this year i have decided to dismiss the crystal ball gazers for the 2011 predictions because, to be frank, i have yet to find one that hasn't been a pile of pants.
Instead to find out what is going to happen in 2011, i have asked Bet365 because you never see a skint bookkeeper and these guys get more right than they do wrong.
So in 2001, the winners and losers will be as follows:

New Zealand to win the rugby World Cup (97/100), Barcelona to win the Champions league (21/20) and Manchester City to bring home the Europa League Cup (41/10). Manchester Utd will top the Premier League (101/100) while Wolverhampton Wanderers will finish at the bottom (11/21).

Ralph Nadal will win both the US Tennis Open (2/1) and Wimbledon (15/8) and Sebastian Vettel will take the Formula 1 Championship (5/2) while Americans should pile their life savings on The New England Patriots to win the Superbowl (23/10).

The winner of the Irish election will be Michael Higgins (7/2), the Bulgarian election Boyko Borisov (1/100) and the Danes will elect Villy Sovndahl into power (15/1). At 3/1, they also expect the UK Government to fold and us Brits to be trudging around to the election booths next year.

The Queen will wear a blue hat to Williams wedding (7/2), the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn will erupt (5/6), Beyonce will announce she is pregnant (9/2) and 2011 sexist woman will be Russell Brand's better half, Katy Perry (2/1).

The best picture Oscar will go to The Kings Speech (7/4) while Colin Firth (1/3) and
Annette Bening (11/4) will walk away with the best actor and actress awards.

It is very short odds that Pete Doherty will once again end up in front of a judge on drug charges (3/1) and Girls Aloud will announce the end of the band (3/1).

Take the £1.50 that it would cost you to phone a psychic who will pretend to tune in to great Aunt Gladys and take it to the bookies instead. If my maths is correct and all of the above come in, you stand enough to buy Belgium.

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Cheezy said...

The All Blacks are famous for being easily the best team in the world... until they get to the World Cup, where they choke. They won't be seeing a penny of mine!