Saturday, 1 January 2011

Kagame Another Blair Friend

Say what you want about Tony Blair but he won't let criticism stand in the way of him forging close relationships with some of the more worlds unsavoury characters.
His relationship with the most hated American President in memory cost him the Prime Ministership and he counted Ariel Sharon of the Sabra and Shatila massacres as a friend.
Now he is defending his support for Rwandan leader Paul Kagame stating: 'He's someone I've got to know well and I'm a believer in him, and I believe I won't be disappointed'.
Paul Kagame is the current President of Rwanda and was one of the founders of the Rwandanese Patriotic Front (RPF).
The same RPF that twice invaded Rwanda to otherthrow the Government from its base in Uganda and shot down a plane carrying both the then Rwandan and Burundian Presidents which set off a civil War which resulted in 1,000,000 Rwandans deaths before the RPF took the Rwandan Presidency in 1994.
A French investigation concluded that Kagame ordered the downing of the plane and the assassination of the two African leaders but immunity from prosecution as a head of state stopped Kagame's indictment under French law.
The Spanish Courts issued an arrest warrant against Kagame and 40 other RPF members for several counts of genocide and human rights abuses during the Rwandan Genocide.
After invading Congo in 1998, a United Nations reported stated the 'mass scale looting" of Congolese mineral resources and the Rwandan government of making hundreds of millions of dollars from illegal mineral trading.
A 2001 Amnesty International report implicated Rwandan and Rwandan-backed forces in the deliberate killing of thousands of Congolese civilians while a 2002 United Nations report dismissed Rwandan claims that there were in the Congo for 'defensive reasons' and were using it as cover to illegally mine gold and coltan.
Human Rights Watch has accused Rwandan police of extrajudicial killings and deaths in custody and the International Federation of Human Rights and Human Rights Watch described what they called 'serious violations of international humanitarian law'. That's your pal Tony and the man who you brokered a £175m bio-fuel deal with for the UK firm Eco Positive.
As you said, i very much expect you and the Eco Positive board won't be disappointed.


Chris said...

The shocking thing is that you are surprised that Blair is sucking up to despots. £175m is a lot to lose.

David G. said...

Blair is what happens when people of British stock become Americanized!

Imagine how the world will be if America gains control of it.

Unstoppable sobbing...

Anonymous said...

You do know that Kagame was the chap that invaded Rwanda in order to stop the Genocide dont you? And that the French trained the people who perpetrated the Genocide? And that the French provided the weaponry that shot down the plane?

Oh no, sorry, this is a blog and so it doesn't need any actual facts, or any degree of accuracy...

Brave new world.