Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Another Horror Film

There has been a long list of famous monsters in movies but it seems that 2011 is going to be the year when the biggest, scariest, most fear inspiring monster comes to our movie theatres because filming has began on The Iron Lady, a film abut Margaret Thatcher.
Meryl Streep takes the lead role in a film billed as 'an intimate portrait of an extraordinary and complex woman' and also stars Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher, Anthony Head as Geoffrey Howe and Richard E Grant playing the part of Michael 'Tarzan' Heseltine.
No news yet on who has been cast as Mrs T's good friend General Pinochet or her arch nemesis Nelson Mandela.
I'm sure the film will appeal to Tories harking back to the fond, lazy days of the 80s when unemployment topped 3 million and anything not nailed down was sold off and the sight of coal mining towns being decimated.
I just hope they get the last part right where she is driven away in the back of a taxi, her tear streaked face gazing out of the rear window as her time as Prime Minister comes to a screeching halt because who doesn't love a happy ending.


Cheezy said...

Anthony Head as Geoffrey Howe"

Unusual casting, that one!... What next? Christopher Eccleston as Arthur Scargill? Ralph Fiennes as Nigel Lawson? Javier Barden as General Galtieri? Keira Knightley as Edwina Currie?

Lucy said...

He probably got the gig due to his previous experience of working with blood curdling monsters on Buffy.