Thursday, 10 February 2011

1000th Post

This is the 1000th Falling On A Bruise post and i wish that i had used tags so i could see who or what has cropped up the most here.
In the negative column would the Right Wing as a whole and followed by slanderous words aimed at George W Bush, Tony Blair, Israel, the Conservative Party, US foreign policy, hunters, Capitalism and oil companies.
On the plus side would be Socialism, Hugo Chavez, Slash, Buffy, Scandinavia, Green Day, Kurt Cobain and the United Nations.

The most viewed post of the 1000 was Shame On You Mr Brown from October 2007 which concerned how the UK and USA were moving Iran into their gun sights. That was in the day when Blogburst were in existence and passing blog posts around to newspaper websites.

The most commented post was Keeping the Gun ban written in March 2007 where i supported continuing the gun ban in the UK. Guns are always a hot button topic to get temperatures raised.

The post that has remained consistently in the top 10 of the most popular in my Statcounter page is Michael Moore: Guardian Angel June 2007 and one of my own favourites posts relating how Micheal Moore anonymously settled the health bill for the wife of the owner of the most popular anti-Moore website.

The most visited post from Google searches is Bolon Yokte Is Coming Xmas 2012 from November 2009 but probably my own personal favourite is from January 2010, Whinging Pom Eggs.


Cheezy said...

Hooray! Congrats, Lucy. You've kept plugging away a lot longer than most of the rest of us have managed. A thousand more please.

Lucy said...

Thank you Cheezy and a huge thank you for all your comments over the length that this blog has been running.

Anonymous said...


1,000 is an accomplishment.

blogging here has led me to do a lot reading on the side to examine history, government and human behavior.


Lucy said...

Another big thank you also q for all your comments over the 1000. I don't think we are very far apart on most things but are miles away om some others and it keeps it interesting.