Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cameron Hypocrisy

I do wonder sometimes if David Cameron's public relations people ever actually listen to what he says and sit there shaking their heads asking each other what can they do about the posh berk.
David 'all-in-this-together' Cameron, the man cutting money from schools, health, armed forces etc has stood up in Pakistan and told them 'Too many of your richest people are getting away without paying much tax at all and that's not fair".
Someone remind me to order a new hypocrisy meter because mine has just exploded.
How i longed for a Pakistan journalist stand up and say but if we tax the rich in Pakistan won't they just move abroad or does this argument only apply when making excuses for the British bankers obscene wages?
He said that the British people would need convincing that every penny of the £650m aid designed to help recruit 9,000 extra teachers and put 4 million children into education was going to the right places.
Last time i checked I was British person and I ask why are we financially supporting a country that can afford nuclear weapons and a space programme?
I would also like to ask Dave when we being forced to painfully tighten our belts with slashing cuts, wage freezes and a benefit overhaul, how can we afford to offer up hundreds of millions of our money to Pakistan, bail out of Ireland and start a war in Libya?


David G said...

Lucy, trying to work out what goes on in the dim recesses of a politician's mind is an exercise in futility.

They are all tarred with the one brush and driven by the 'What's Good For Me' syndrome. After a few years of having power they also get the 'I Can Walk On Water' derangement as well.

The final affliction that they experience is the 'You Can't Do Without Me' malady.

That's usually the time they are thrown out of office!

Lucy said...

Maybe he thought he was safely in Pakistan and it wouldn't be reported here. I did laugh when i heard it, the sheer brass neck and his sheer hypocrisy amused me.