Monday, 25 April 2011

Bored Of The Royal Wedding

I'm not much of a Royalist, to my mind if we got rid of them tomorrow nothing would change except we would be a few million pound better off. Maybe we should suggest it to Dave Cameron next time he announces the next round of austerity cuts.
It seems that we cannot turn on our televisions or open a newspaper without Prince William or Kate Middleton peering out at us and from what i am hearing, while the majority of British people are thankful for another bank holiday, they are planning to steer clear of a television on Friday.
The Royals don't have a great track record when it comes to marriages. Of the queens 4 children, 3 of them are divorcee's so all the best to Kate for marrying into that particular family.
The American media seems particularly taken with the whole event which is ironic as they fought so hard to keep the British monarchy away from them. If they are so keen for a bit of pomp and circumstance then they shouldn't have thrown our tea into the Boston harbour all those years ago.
The argument made by Royalists for keeping the monarchy is that they bring in the tourists which is a rubbish argument because the Association of Leading Visitors Attractions doesn't even include Buckingham Palace in the top 20 of most visited places in the UK. That honour goes to the museums, galleries and cathedrals which attracts millions of visitors per site each year while the Queens residence had it's best ever year in 2010 with 413,000 visitors which is only slightly more than the Beaulieu car museum.
The Royals receive £8m annually from the civil list, £14m for the upkeep of their properties and then another £100m from the public purse for security.
St James's Palace says the couple are going to have an austere wedding, which will not weigh too heavily on taxpayers. But the Royals' understanding of the word austere is likely to be somewhat different to yours and mine.
Even the small wedding of Charles and Camilla in 2005 cost £5 million, and estimates put the cost of this Friday's shindig at around £50 million. Top-end estimates have come in closer to £100 million.
The bulk of the wedding cost is going to be met by the Royals but the security bill is falling to us, and with the country on high terror alert and more of the great and the good hitting London than during the average G20 meeting, that bill is going to be fairly hefty. Some put it at as much as somewhere around £50 million.
All the best to Wills and Kate, nothing personal but i can't get excited about a posh couple's wedding day that is costing us millions. Thanks for the day off though.


David G said...

The Brits love four things: warm beer, soccer, their Royals and wars. They can't get enough of them!

Here they are, bombing the hell out of Libya, trying to stay in the European Champions League, holding a sumptuous wedding that will be seen by millions of starving people while, simultaneously and compulsively, drinking pints of lukewarm ale.

God bless 'em!

Chris said...

Football, not soccer. Soccer is what Americans call it because they already have a game called football where big men in the maximum amount of padding jump on each other.

Cheezy said...

"holding a sumptuous wedding that will be seen by millions of starving people"

I reckon these starving people should concentrate a little less on the wedding, and a little more on finding some food. It's no wonder their stomachs are rumbling, if they're so easily distracted by trivia.