Sunday, 3 April 2011

Roll Up, Roll Up

About a month ago my husband asked me what i wanted for my birthday. I did the usual thing and shrugged and mumbled something about just getting me anything but i left a few hints laying around because the one thing i have always wanted was my own aircraft carrier. Nothing fancy, just as long as it had space for a few jets and the radar worked so we didn't get lost on those weekend trips around the Isle of Wight.
Turned out i got perfume and a jacket and my dream fades away for another year and to make it even more galling, the Ark Royal is up for sale on the MOD website where they sell off unwanted stock from the military.
Maybe a 10,000 ton ship was being a bit optimistic but also up for sale are 3 Type 42 Destroyers, HMS Exeter, HMS Southampton and HMS Nottingham although it might mean clearing out the garage to fit one of them in.
Due to the parking restrictions, i would have settled for a plane and how often do T5 Lightning Jets come up for sale. Admittedly the engine in the one for sale has been removed and it's in Skegness and it is buyer collects but still, a fighter jet would have been nice.
Oh well, there is always Christmas and at the rate the Government is selling off anything that isn't nailed down, i may well be turning up at 2012 New Years parties in a Challenger Tank.

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