Monday, 6 June 2011

Fun all summer long

Not one to learn the lessons of the past, Lucy has handed me the keys to her blog for the summer while she sits in her big armchair eating strawberries and cooing over Roger Federer's legs.
If we can put aside the fact that her blog stats dropped like a stone last time i was at the helm, i am determined that the next 12 weeks will be full of in-depth analysis of current affairs. Failing that i will whinge about everything until September.
My first whinge is about the Olympics and the bizarre ticket allocation process which must have made sense to somebody.
We were required to bid for tickets for as many events as we liked and the first anyone knew if they had been successful was when the money was taken from our bank accounts so you were the proud owner of tickets for God knows what event.
The biggest scandal that nobody seems to be picking up on was the tickets available for the big events like the 100m Final.
The Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 spectators but only 20,000 tickets were available for the public to buy for that day.
Even with my shaky maths, i know that it leaves 60,000 tickets going elsewhere, and the elsewhere is the prawn sandwich brigade of corporate big-wigs and their friends.
The sponsorship deal also prohibits drinks, food and even clothes that are not manufactured by the sponsors and security guards have been told to confiscate and deny entry to anyone who breaks these rules.
With crowds and rules like that, we are better off watching it at home where we can wear, eat and drink what we like and not have to pray that a stray piece of equipment during the hammer throwing event can take out the loud mouth on a corporate jolly sat in front of us.


Cheezy said...

I applied for about £300 worth of tickets... got none. My mate applied for about £600 worth... got none. I heard Freddie Flintoff on the radio saying he'd applied for over a grand's worth... got none (although I'm sure he'll sneak in somehow)...

Part of me thinks it was stupid & bizarre way to allocate tickets and that's why we all missed out... but another part of me (despite myself) is listening to Seb Coe and his protestations that at least this has cut the touts out of the loop and that, actually, in a wealthy nation where so many people are keen on sport, this was always going to happen. It's still a pisser though.

Oh, hi Hanz :)

Anonymous said...

hello hanzi

sounds like any other event in the usa...