Thursday, 9 June 2011

NATO warns rebels

Now that we have given up any pretence of protecting Libyan civilians from Gadaffi and make no bones about it being about regime change, bad timing that the UN today announced evidence that rebel forces had been committing war crimes against civilians themselves.
The UK and Nato forces are saying that they would be prepared to turn their guns on the Libyan rebels, if they attacked civilians which bought the reply from one rebel commander that "We object to being threatened by our allies. They are taking part in military action only at our invitation.'
With NATO already at war with half the country and threatening the other half, we can see, where this is leading.
It's a hard sell to convince us that peace and freedom can spring from the rag-tag rebels employing war crimes and it is all very reminiscent of Kosovo and the KLA who the West backed and turned as blind eye to their atrocities while bombing the Serbians for theirs. Turned out all NATO achieved was to foist a gang of gangsters into power who have been murdering and pillaging ever since.
Hard to see Libya turning out any different, replacing one murderous despot with another which we have backed with arms and finances.
We should get some lovely oil contracts out of it though.


Cheezy said...

Agreed. It's a depressingly familiar story. Peter Hitchens was saying a similar thing on Question Time last night (and it's not often I find myself agreeing with someone who writes for the Mail on Sunday).

Anonymous said...

it is depressing to me that the islamic people hate each other so much. if we weren't supporting israel the muslims would be killing each other instead of westerners...


Falling on a bruise said...

It is a familiar story but it seems they just look short term. Maybe they think they can control the rebels once they get in but it doesn't seem they will be very grateful.

The Islamic folk do seem a very angry bunch q. Can't all be down to religious differences although it does seem that is the lines they fall behind.