Wednesday, 31 August 2011

All summer long

The Met Office regard today as the last day of summer and therefore my last day of scribbling on this blog and as most of what i have written about over the last 12 weeks concerned what is happening in Libya, it seems apt to end on it as well.
I never agreed with the intervention, invasion or whatever we deem to call it to try and make it sound more palatable. I agree with it even less now that the death toll has been put at 50,000 and we seem to be ending up in the exact same position as the reason we went to war against Gaddafi in the first place with a Libyan city encircled and threatening a massacre.
Only NATO won't be stepping in to stop this massacre, they are actively participating in it, bombing 134 sites in Sirte in the past six days.
Sirte, a city with a population of 100,000, who should come under the original UN resolution to protect its civilians from attack as part of the 'no fly zone' which ironically is being pounded from the air by NATO planes.
Following the deaths of tens of thousands, the destruction of infrastructure, the double standards of NATO with regard to the protection of civilians, the discrediting of the United Nations as its resolutions can be so easily perverted and the installation of a Libyan Government with no popular support and run by men with links to Al Queada, this intervention has been, and will be, a complete disaster for the Libyan people.
The West has inflicted yet another Iraq and Afghanistan because once the rebels are in control, the whole country will descend into civil war and recriminations with a Taliban style insurgency going on for years. Another country we are happy to leave in turmoil as long as get our share of Libya's resources.
Unless something happens very soon, Sirte will be stormed and many civilians killed in the crossfire and nobody will criticise us or the French or Americans because us dropping bombs on Libyans is not the same as Gaddafi doing it. Not in our blinkered eyes anyway.

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Cheezy said...

See ya Hanz, have a good autumn!

I've agreed with you sometimes, I've disagreed with you sometimes, but I've always thought you were doing a good sincere, considered job.