Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Best comeback ever!!

The football season is only a few weeks old but i have my favourite moment already and it didn't even happen on the pitch.

Benni McCarthy used to be a pretty decent striker but after he transferred to West Ham he pick up a lot of injuries and gained a lot of weight. After 11 league games and no goals in a season and a half, West Ham payed up his contract and the South African returned home to play out his career.

West Ham’s Vice Chairman, Karren Brady said his signing was a big mistake and he was more committed to filling his belly than filling the net.
An obviously narked McCarthy replied, "It makes me want to throw up. She's the devil with a pair of tits". Brady's brilliant comeback "But Benni, I'm meant to have tits, you aren't".

A classic and now one of my all time favourite comebacks along with the Australian bowler asking the Zimbabwean batsman "Why are you so fat?" and the reply "Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit" and another cricket zinger between Ian Botham and Rod Marsh where Marsh welcomed Botham to the crease with "How's your wife and my kids?". Botham returned "The wife's fine. The kids are retarded."

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David G said...

This post gave me a good laugh, Hanz!

It was sorely needed. Thanks.