Wednesday, 4 April 2012


One of the things that i am guilty of when it comes to this blog is terrible housekeeping. Just how slack i am was highlighted when i decided to take a jaunt around some of the 'bloggers i like' list over there on the right.
Now i know that i hadn't added or removed anyone for a long time but even i was shocked to see that some like Under the Bridge and Hemasphere had packed up and moved on as far back as 2007!
Fez Monkey last ooked ooked at his Flinging Poop blog back in 2008 and The Vibe stopped being where it was in 2009 along with Blognonymous, Intellectual Odyssey, Courtney the Neo-Jacobin and Senior Moments had her last moment three years ago.
iMuslim is no more, my former post buddy Cody has shut up shop as has Boiled Dinner and Jeff who still holds the title of funniest comment ever made here.
The Intolerant One who was the very first blogger i discovered online has long rode off into the sunset on his motorbike while everyones favourite facially haired Jewish carpenter crucified his Golden Door blog a while back as did Cheezy so once I got around to taking these out and leaving just those bloggers still active, it's a very small list of Nogburt, q, David and Jinxi.
I have now added E.J Goldharte but i really need to go out and repopulate the list and find new bloggers to replace the fallen Jeffs, O'Tims, Marks, Cody's, Intolerant One's and Fez's.


Anonymous said...

i noticed that a few weeks ago when i tried every link on your list...

there was a lot of hate 10 years ago and people thought they could change the world by blogging... some still do think that.


Cody Bones said...

I miss you too, send me an email sometime if you want to catch up

Andria Katonda said...

Thank you for the support!

Lucy said...

There was a lot of hate and anger around 10 years ago and most of it aimed at 2 people, your POTUS and Bin Laden. They defined the 2000's and what they both did still rumbles on today. I can see why a lot of people took to blogging back, to air their views on what was going on and if the Iran carries on to the conclusion that many think it will, i imagine there will be another spike in new blogs.

Will do Cody, good to hear from you and I hope all is well there.

You are very welcome EJ.