Sunday, 22 April 2012

Muamba Wrong About Who Saved Him

As tolerant as i try to be about religion, one thing that drives me mad is when people with belief heap praise upon the mythical man in the clouds for their achievements.
Sports people seem to be especially inflicted with this and say that it is down to God that they have won a race or a match.
Nothing to do with their trainers who put years into conditioning and preparing them, it's God who takes the time out of his schedule to decide who wins a shiny medal and who goes tumbling over the first hurdle.
I have heard students say their exam success was down to God and i tactfully explain that it was down to their own hard work and to give all the credit where it was due, to themselves.
The latest person to annoy me again with this bogus 'thank you God' nonsense is Fabrice Muamba who said: 'What happened to me was really more than a miracle. On the morning of the game I prayed with my father and asked God to protect me - and he didn't let me down'.
Rather than ask himself why God stopped his heart in the first place, he heaps praise upon him for it not killing him.
Not modern medicine or the skill of the doctors, it was God that did it.
There is a reason why heart attack victims are rushed to a hospital and not driven straight to Saint Paul's Cathedral and that is because the hospital is where the people who actually save lives are, not in a church.
Good on you Fabrice and i wish you well with your recovery but give credit where credit is due because the God you believe in and think is so great was the one who decided to stop your heart and it was only the doctors who started it again and to say otherwise is deeply disrespectful.


Anonymous said...

uh, apparently he thinks you are wrong lucy...


Cheezy said...

" the God you believe in and think is so great was the one who decided to stop your heart"

I reckon God had exactly as much to do with stopping his heart as he did with restarting it, but that's just me.

Muamba putting his recovery down to supernatural intervention doesn't really grate with me, but I'll tell you what does - it's when someone survives a disaster that claims many other lives, let's say a plane crash or an earthquake or something... and then they start mouthing off that it was God who saved them... like them in particular... while simultaneously deciding not to save all those other poor bastards who he clearly didn't care so much about. That really is arrogant bullshit methinks.

Whereas Muamba... well, I note that he's sincerely thanked all the medical staff, both at White Hart Lane and the London Chest Hospital - so it's not like he's being ungrateful towards those who saved his life. Anyway, let's hope he's able to resume his career soon.

Lucy said...

I disagree with him q.

It always grates with me Cheezy, especially when people achieve something special and then give the credit elsewhere. No, it was your hard work and dedication that you won the 100m or gained your degree or passed your French language course, not someone else who gave it to you because they deemed you worthy.