Friday, 7 November 2014

Baby Metal

Baby Metal are a Japanese band fronted by three super-cute sixteen year old girls but the twist is that they sing and dance in the style of pop idol contestants to the music of head banging thrash metal as if Girls Aloud and Slipknot had a baby.
Bit strange was my thoughts and then i clearly forgot about them but suddenly they are announcing a tour of the UK and all sorts of Metal fans who are usually scratching Metallica into their forearms with a compass are raving about them.
It really shouldn't work and nobody can really explain why Baby Metal are on such an upwards trajectory but upwards they are certainly heading but maybe because it is the whole concept is so damn weird that it has caught the imagination of metal fans who are, to be fair, a pretty weird bunch anyway.
I'm not much of a metal fan and the music doesn't really appeal to me so i won't be queueing up for concert tickets anytime soon but i do love the idea and anything has to be better than the X-Factor pap that Simon Cowell has been spinning out for the past decade and besides, who doesn't love a Japanese teenager singing sweet lyrics in front of burning guitars while a man dressed as a skeleton head bangs along to a thrash metal riff behind them.
Just me then?

Baby Metal Video Here

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