Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How Dare They Use Facts

Those damned EU migrants. They come over here and contribute more to the UK in taxes than they receive in benefits and services, according to new research.
Just who do they think they are paying taxes and enriching the country by £20 billion since 2001.
Professor Christian Dustmann, director of UCL's Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration said: 'A key concern in the public debate on migration is whether immigrants contribute their fair share to the tax and welfare systems. Our new analysis draws a positive picture of the overall fiscal contribution made by recent immigrant cohorts, particularly of immigrants arriving from the EU'.
So now what are the reactionary anti-immigration Ukipers who want to take us out of Europe going to do now that their reason to come out of Europe is exposed as a busted flush?
It just isn't right, the UKIP and their voters are already a laughing stock and this isn't going to make things any easier.
I want a return to the days before the people who know these things would spout such evidence that contradicted things that us little Englanders thought we knew, the old days when Nigel Farage could scaremonger about EU migrants without fear that he would be made to look an absolute twonk with the facts.
Bah, humbug.


Keep Life Simple said...

"Use" facts is the perfect phrase. People "use" the facts that serve their purpose.

Lucy said...

You can't change facts, but you can ignore them.

Keep Life Simple said...

True, but a lot of data are labeled fact that are not.