Monday, 21 September 2015

Doctor, Doctor, My Penis Smells Like Bacon!

The right wing press mocked Ed Miliband for eating a bacon sandwich, so what are they to make of the news that David Cameron 'inserted a private part of his anatomy into the mouth of a dead pig during an initiation ceremony while he was studying at Oxford'.
Not that i would like to be David Cameron at any time but this is a particularly bad time because the Prime Minister is about to face a barrage of pig jokes after the Daily Mail printed extracts from Lord Ashcroft’s biography of David Cameron.
While we already knew that Dave was a ham-fisted swine, and has a liking for telling porkies, i do feel that we need to go the whole hog and not let the trots on the left wing let this go as on of the less rasher things Cameron has done.
He has had his nose in the trough for too long but the revelation that he inserted his penis into a dead farmyard animal could see us cured of the pig-ignorant leader.
The days of Cameron feeling Perky are over because after today, no matter what he does from this day forward, David Cameron will forever be remembered as the man who played hide the sausage with a dead pig.
What a glorious, wonderful day, just don't call him Babe!


Keep Life Simple said...

Ah the UK where the men are real men and the sheep and goats are nervous...

Falling on a bruise said...

It was a pig.

Keep Life Simple said...

So any animal will do for Brits. Kinda gross