Friday, 25 September 2015

The 2016 US Election Candidates

Anyone who wants to run for President has to register with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the list of candidates is on the FEC website where you can find all the people you would expect to see such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump but altogether there are 2128 candidates vying for the top job in the White House.
The FEC is the body that regulates elections in the USA and in the New Statements of Candidacy section of their website is a full list of the 2016 candidates who have filed a Statement of Candidacy (FEC Form 2) with the FEC to register as a candidate for federal office (U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and U.S. President).
Amongst the candidates are such famous figures as Doctor Pepper (American Independent Party), Dr White Lightning (GAD), Fidel Castro Ruz (Communist Party) and even Kim Jong Un (Independent) has thrown his hat into the ring.
From the cartoon world, stepping up to the plate is Mickey Mouse (Write In), Eric Cartman (Independent) and Elsa Ice Queen (Independent) and joining them from the world of fiction is Forrest Gump (Democratic Party), Ming The Merciless (independent), Rocky Balboa (Independent) and Jack Sparrow (independent).
The Animal Kingdom has always been chronically under-represented in US Elections but this time they have Moose The Dog (Jewish/Christian National), Seymour Cats (Independent), Mr R. Porcupines Spikey Jr. (American Independent Party), Frosty Chickens (Independent) and Buddy The Cat (Democratic Party) to vote for.
There are some candidates who could be related to famous people such as Tronald Dump (Republican), Donald Tramp (US Taxpayers Party), Jorge Bush (Independent) and Osama Bin Liftin (unaffiliated).
Other candidates include Lesale Venomancer Deathbringer (Green), Lezbe Honest (Independent), Mr MMM Dat Ass (independent), Mr Tarquin Fintimlinbin Bus Stop Poontang Ole Biscuit Barrel (SIL), Blue Hair Guy (Independent), Cranky Pants (independent), Bippy The Clown (None) and Jesus Dog Lord Ickes (Write-In).
I'm not sure about Satan Lord of Underworld Prince of Darkness (Republican Party) though, i think that one could be made up.
As a foreign national I am prohibited from partaking in any election in the U.S so i can't contribute but if i was American i'd be interested to hear what Buddy the Cat had to say on legalising catnip for medical purposes and his feelings on the Canary Islands.

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