Thursday, 3 September 2015

Refugee Crisis In Europe

After months of callous indifference from the Prime Minister towards the refugees escaping the war-zones in the Middle East and North Africa, David Cameron seems to be developing a conscience and all it took was a dead toddler washed up on the shore in Turkey.
The Prime Minister had explained that we are doing our bit by creating stability in the areas they’re fleeing from which seems a bit rich considering the places they are fleeing from are Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya which are all places we created the instability in the first place.   
Europe is the nearest port in this particular storm for those fleeing terrorists in the war-zones and Europe is bearing the weight of hundreds of thousands of refugees but it wasn't just Europe who kicked down the walls and let ISIS and Al-Queada in to murder the population at will, the USA and Australia were just as culpable but i have yet to hear of them stepping in to take refugees.
Suddenly the mood has changed and the immigrants who were being berated last week for coming here to take our jobs and claim free houses and benefits have our sympathy and the Government view of 'not our problem' is being rightly criticised.
The people responsible for what we did in 2001 in Afghanistan, 2003 in Iraq, 2010 in Libya and since 2011 in Syria have been desperate to cut the link and separate what we did then and what is happening now but they can't because the those fleeing are fleeing from what George W Bush and Tony Blair started and Obama and Cameron continued.

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