Saturday, 19 September 2015

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When you write about a particular subject, especially if it has a touch of the scientific about it, you find that some writers tend to set their level high, so high that it can seem aimed at people of the same level as the writer which leaves out many people who have not got the same experience or knowledge and can easily get lost in the technical explanations.
When it comes to Astronomy there is much to get your head around but many of the bloggers that i have looked at while writing my own astronomy blog appear to have fallen into the trap at writing to impress each other with their knowledge which might make them feel good and but means it flies over the head and alienates a large section of their potential audience.      
In anything, you have to learn the basics before you can move on to the advanced stuff for example you have to learn the alphabet before you can construct words, sentences and paragraphs.
In Astronomy it is rather pointless explaining that something is 4 light years away if the reader doesn't know what a light year is who how far it is in terms they can understand. 
What i have picked up from visitors to the Astronomy Centres is that there are a lot of interested people but they get lost in the technical details and from gaps in their knowledge from teachers who for whatever reason have not put the basic building blocks in place before moving on and students feeling too embarrassed to go back and ask the questions to plug the gaps.
That's why i have torn up my Astronomy blog and have decided to start again and dedicate it to hopefully answering some of those basic questions that i hear in a way that will plug some astronomy gaps and keep the interest from waning.
Looking Up blog.

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