Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Heart Or Head

When Theresa May announced the snap election six weeks ago she was 21 points ahead in the polls and my fear was that the whole thing would be a procession to another five years of vicious and ideological Conservative austerity cuts.
What nobody expected was for Jeremy Corbyn to play a blinder and May to have a stinker which sees the polls having the the Labour Party close to within touching distance of the sitting Prime Minister. 
All polls have seen the 21 point lead shrivel to anything to 0 and 9 but as my heart says Jeremy Corbyn, my brain says Theresa May will remain in situ and we will wake up on Friday morning with a slightly stronger Conservative Party lording over us. 
Google Trends, which has so often been right in its predictions, has no such concerns as it is predicting a big win for Labour.
This election has so many variables to make it almost impossible to call, including Brexit, the three terror attacks, the collapse of UKIP, tactical voting and the attacks on the pensions of the typical grey Tory vote and the turn out of the younger vote which seemed to disappear for the Brexit vote.
Another factor is the weather with the weather forecast for it to be rainy and windy on Thursday which is yet another consideration.  
As much as i hope i am wrong, i do feel Google has this one upside down and Labour is starting from too far back to overhaul the Conservatives but then i said Brexit and Trump would never happen so what do i know.

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