Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Still Undecided? What About One Of These?

The British can't take anything seriously, even the matter of electing a Government so on the ballot paper alongside the serious parties are tucked away some lesser parties who will be battling for your X.
The Monster Raving Loony Party, motto 'vote for insanity, you know it makes sense' is standing in Maidenhead and has policies which include introducing a 99p coin and pledges to cut letters from the alphabet.
Next up is Lord Buckethead, who is tempting voters with a policy of free sweets for children and bulldozing Birmingham to make way for an intergalactic spaceport.
Mr Fish Finger main pledges include free fishing rods for students, free fish for NHS workers, unrestricted fish migration and with a nod towards Brexit, has pledged to remove all foreign fish from our fish fingers if he wins on June 8.
Aidan Powlesland says he will dedicate £100 million to the construction of an interstellar colony ship but the Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog main declaration is that they will join the UK to Africa.
The policy of the Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality, include increasing the statutory retirement age to beyond death, finding a cure for Zombie bites and granting the undead the same rights as the living while the Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party manifesto advocates reducing the school leaving age to nine and the annexation of France.
Under UK election law, any candidate running in a constituency election must pay a £500 deposit, which they receive back if they gather over 5% of the vote share so i think whoever gets the £500's from failed candidates will be quids in on Friday morning. 

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