Sunday, 27 August 2017

Karma Pays A Visit To Trumps America

Call it Karma that shortly after Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement citing Climate Change to be a conspiracy dreamt up by the Chinese, Texans being are told to clamber up on their roofs and wait for rescue from floods as Mother Nature flings a catastrophic hurricane at his country.
'This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced. Follow orders from officials to ensure safety' tweeted the National Weather Service and the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, said conditions were: 'bad and growing worse' and damage was in the billions of dollars.
Of course one devastating hurricane does not show proof of Climate Change, a warming climate would actually make hurricanes less likely as there is less extremes, but when you do get them they are catastrophic because as any schoolkid paying attention will tell you, warm air holds more water and more water means more rainfall and more rainfall means people being told to climb up onto
their roofs as flood water rises.
This may not prove Climate Change but as Mother Nature takes what's there and ramps it up, this is exactly what Climate Change looks like and as America is a regular recipient of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, they may have to get used to horrific scenes like these and worse for decades to come.
It is only unfortunate that one of the direct victims is not on top of the White House waving his little hands waiting to be rescued because as his nations sinks, he will be the driest person in the country.


Anonymous said...

complete and utter speculation - in texas words: bullshit.

and it isn't karma either. working for a property insurance company for 35 years I can tell you that the past 35 years have seen low hurricane activity. all the actuaries (who also use modeling technology - applied science) have been trying to convince the government to require hurricane resistant building standards. Others have been trying to stop building in flood prone areas.

Houston has grown by 35% in the past 10 years alone. and the new people are building in places that were once avoided - BECAUSE THEY FLOOD

A major factor in the flooding from Harvey was that (in addition to being a large hurricane) it stalled on the coast instead of just passing thru.

so, nobody is surprised that after 35 years of predicting catastrophe, it has finally happened, thanks to people building in flood plains...

not karma, stupidity.


ps - besides, karma is unscientific and you are so scientific...

Falling on a bruise said...

None so blind as those who refuse to see as the saying goes.

Keep Life Simple said...

was it karma that Irma blasted Cuba? maybe i'm not the blind one...