Tuesday, 1 August 2017

No Trump Chaos Amidst The Trump Chaos

We all remember Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saheed al-Sahaf and his dizzying refusal to admit that everything was falling down around his ears.
Comical Ali may have gone but his stubborn commitment to accept that everything is going to hell in a handcart is by no means extinct as proven by Donald Trump.
The Orange One took to to Twitter to brazenly blare: "No Chaos in the White House' as yet another employee, the 12th in six months, was handed his P45 and made his way out the Exit door after a little over a week of beginning the job.
Every bit as chronically dysfunctional as expected, he may be doing irreparable damage to America and it's reputation, but it is fascinating to see just how far he will drag his country down before events bring his tenure to a premature end.
The links to Russia will probably prove to be his downfall, the enquiry seems to be turning up more lies and cover-ups the deeper it digs, but that may be some time in the future and the country he said he would make 'Great Again' could be on it's knees by the time the men come to drag his bloated carcass away.  
It may be a great time to be a journalist with such a loose canon in the White House but as long as he sticks with embarrassing himself and his own nation and doesn't take the George W Bush route of sending his military on far flung adventures, it is fascinating to watch him implode so fantastically

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