Monday, 27 November 2017

Harry's Engaged So Push Out The Bad News Quick!!

The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, i will be more interested if we get a day off for it otherwise..pffft. 
What we should do is look at what news the Government has slipped out while we are all looking the other way as today is a great day to bury bad news and the Government has a whole sackful of bad news it would like to find far down the news agenda where the spotlight will struggle to get to.
News like how the Brexit Minister has handed over a heavily redacted analysis on how leaving the EU will affect 58 sectors of the economy a day early, with the redacted parts being anything which they perceive as politically embarrassing or not in the national interest and also news from the EU that Brexit is stuttering over the Irish border question.
Then there is also the news which came 21 minutes after the engagement was announced that benefits, frozen for the past four years, will be frozen again for another 12 months from April subjecting 10.5 million households to an average cut of £450 a year and pushing a further half a million more people into poverty but the Government doesn't care because no-one would have been watching anyway, all eyes were on Harry and Meghan.

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