Friday, 27 July 2018

90 Days Of Summer: Day 57

Donald Trump isn't the only one who likes a good storm, so do i although the storm i prefer leaves more of a damp spot.
All day yesterday my weather apps said the South Coast of the UK was going to get thunderstorms arriving from France in the afternoon to give respite from the heat and sun being pushed our way from continental Europe.
Then the thunderstorms got pushed back to the evening then to the night and then cancelled altogether so sign me up to Brexit, we need to take control of our weather and stop the EU weather coming over here, making it hot. We should threaten to stop our rain going over there because they need our rain more than we need their sun.
My weather apps (BBC, Apple and METCheck) are all predicting thunderstorms again for today and things are starting to get desperate here, yesterday i almost spilt my bottle of Becks in the park when i reached for the suncream. The NHS are warning we need to drink 2.3 to 3 litres a day to stay hydrated and as they never specified what we need to drink, i'm going with beer.
Hopefully the thunderstorms will turn up today so sorry Galileo, thunder bolts and lightning may be very very frightening but i'm hot, tired and cranky and me and Scaramouch will only do the Fandango if we are ankle deep in puddles and the sky is lighting up like a dangerously overloaded Christmas Tree.

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