Thursday, 9 January 2020

Bye Bye Harry, Bye Bye Meghan

My first thought when i heard that Prince Harry was stepping back from his Royal job was don't you have to have a job first in order to be able to step back from it?
The part about planning to become financially independent should not be a problem, Princess Diana reportedly left both Prince William and Prince Harry £10 million, and each receive annual dividends of £450,000 a year and Meghan is reportedly worth £3m so they won't be begging for food anytime soon.
They do plan to continue living at Frogmore Cottage though, a four-bedroom house in the grounds of Windsor Castle which underwent a £2.4m refurbishment at taxpayers expense last year and what happens to the £5.1m Prince Charles handed to them last year to fund the Sussexes staff and private offices, personal and family expenses and private travel.
So the questions abound as the spare heir steps back from the front line of royal ribbon-cutting, going on holiday and living in a Palace including who will pay for the security of the two at the cost to the taxpayer of £1 million a year and will they be able to keep the Royal titles which will be their greatest commercial earner.
The comparisons to another American Duchess who was divorced and married a British Royal will start to be made soon enough, ironically Wallis Simpson is buried in the grounds of their current address, but the blame for the break-up of the Royals will certainly fall upon unfairly upon the bony shoulders of Meghan with Princess Diana's boy painted as the unwitting victim of the manipulative yank. 
While some in the press will be wetting their pants over the losing of the sixth in line to the throne, i say if the Sussexes have decided that feigning an interest in ordinary people while opening hospitals is all too much of a faff, goodbye, good luck and hand in the the titles, the key to the house, the taxpayer funded security and privileges at the door on the way out.

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