Friday, 10 January 2020

The Biggest Threat To World Peace

Even by his own low standards, 2020 has got off to a hell of start for Donald Trump with impeachment proceedings, assassinations in far flung countries and almost sparking a war with Iran but at least he can rely on his own people to back him up, or can he?
Trump fans, never the sharpest knives in the drawer to start with, can be relied upon to wave their little American flags and cheer at his latest madcap ramblings but the rest of us are not so sure, which is why he heads a poll as the greatest threat to World Peace against some very strong contenders.
A YouGov poll has revealed that a stonking 41% of people believed that Trump was a bigger threat to world peace than North Korea's Kim Jong Un (17%), Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (8%), Russia's Vladimir Putin (8%) and China's Xi Jinping (7%).
That the American President is considered to be more than 5 times more of a danger than the leader of the country he is currently trying to set up as the biggest danger, it doesn't bode well for the man who threatened to 'totally destroy' North Korea and asked his advisors if America had Nuclear Weapons, then why can’t they use them.
Many people only considered him a threat to non-whites and women in America but now that he has slithered outside of his borders, he is thought to be a threat all over.


Q said...

you still have time to correct this dumb post

Q said...

it still amazes me how often you quote polls.

people are really good at living day by day. they know how to survive. but, they are driven by their emotions. they are generally unaware of how the bigger world works - commerce, innovation, government, etc. and people are typically uninformed - the press is very manipulative and misrepresents just about every topic - not a good source for informing oneself.

so, polls tell us what the public has bought into which is often far from smart.

Q said...

so, it makes me laugh when you quote a poll that represents the greater population, especially considering as a group they:
- have trouble managing relationships (65%+ divorce)
- have serious financial problems (90% are not ready for retirement by age 65)
- have serious health problems (overweight, addictions, poor heart health)
- do not pursue education beyond age 18 (less than 20% have college education)
- are spiritually devoid (10% worship and fewer do volunteer work)

but by god, their opinion on N. Korea or Iran means a lot...
from LucyP who has said many times democracy is lacking... Komisar LucyP

Falling on a bruise said...

Ooops, your guy being touted as the biggest threat to World Peace by a massive margin isn't it. Must hurt a bit i guess.
Komisar? Google asks: Did you mean: Kommissar

Q said...

it does not hurt. why have you tried to assert things emotional for me over and over and over when i have no skin in the game?

here is why it doesn't hurt:
- i don't care what the populace think about very many topics because they are almost completely ignorant about all things more complex than middle school math
- i don't care because i know the press (and pollsters) are manipulative and biased therefore the numbers are typically lies
- i don't care because Trump is not "my guy"
- i don't care because if you are writing about it, we know it is biased...

sure i meant Kommissar... you little alleged journalistic snob

it is spelled aluminum, not aluminium...

Falling on a bruise said...

Ouch, you are one upset insurance salesman. Very defensive for someone not upset about their guy.

Q said...

why do you keep saying im an insurance salesman?

i never said that. you claim to be a journalist - which is a akin to being a lawyer, used car salesman, or politician... but i never said i sell insurance.

fyi a quick recap of my old career:
- computer programmer (nuclear power plant software) for a Fortune 100 company
- system programmer (installed IBM mainframe computers)
- manager of IT geeks
- consultant on building virtual teams
- project manager
- lean six sigma black belt process engineer
- technology researcher for a Fortune 200 company
- innovator (35 patents) for a very large international company
- competitive intelligence analyst
- futurist for an Fortune 100 company
- strategist for a Fortune 100 company

never licensed for any type of insurance work...

when i explain stuff you say defensive, when i don't explain you make up your own views... whatever

Falling on a bruise said...

I wanted to nudge you to see how easily i get could you to list your CV again..well done, you passed with flying colours.

Q said...

i know, i know, you don't like facts and reality. you just want things to be your way. you want me to be an insurance sales man for some unknown reason... must make you feel superior. unfortunately, the only profession ranked below journalist is politician... so labeling me an insurance sales man may be an insult (in your mind at least) but it doesn't bring me down to your level...

you have said a few times you are a journalist... yes?

of course, we have to assume since you have never provided any data to back that assertion.

your writing isn't much better than mine, and i'm clearly no journalist...

Falling on a bruise said...

Nope, it purely was to see how easily i could get you to list your CV again, no other motive. I could easily have said any job but you once said your company owned an insurance company so i went with that. Turns out it was really easy, first attempt actually so well done me and if time allows, i will undoubtably try again as it was easier than i suspected.

your writing isn't much better than mine, and i'm clearly no journalist...oh if only you knew how clear it was.

Q said...


- i don't lie enough to be a journalist
- i don't ignore enough facts to be a journalist
- i don't cover my ignorance of almost every topic by saying "i just wrote what someone else said, but they are an expert, and a majority of experts agree with them" like a journalist

Falling on a bruise said...

Experts in their field with decades of experience, pfft, what do they know!