Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Awful Decision From An Awful President

The BBC correspondent, straight after Donald Trump announced the US would be exiting from the Iran Nuclear Deal, said that he didn't believe that Donald Trump understood what the Iran deal was otherwise he wouldn't have just done what he did.
That he is an ignorant buffoon is undeniable, but that he actually believes that by pulling out of the deal which was working that he is making things better, then he is more ignorant than even any of us believed.
The American correspondent on Sky News believed that he did it for two reasons, one that he promised he would do it on the campaign trail and is now boxed into a corner that he had to do it and because he is desperate to undo everything good that Obama did and the Iran agreement was the pinnacle of his predecessor administration.
We could very soon find out what chaos the cretin's decision will unleash in the Middle East and in global affairs at large but we do know that most of what he said was flat out lies.
That he used the Israeli 'evidence' as justification, evidence which has been widely discredited by the IAEA and UN and all the other partners in the JCPOA would be laughable if the consequences were not so important, especially as the IAEA has been constantly inspecting Iran and have said nine times in two years that Iran is not building a nuclear bomb and has no program to do so.
That the equally ridiculous Israeli and Saudi Arabian leaders were the only ones to agree with the American President shows exactly how little support he has, the EU President along with Macron in France and Merkel in Germany and May in the UK have already said that they planned to continue abiding by the agreement in defiance of Trump's latest madness and Russia and China have recently signed massive commercial deals with Iran worth hundreds of billions of pounds so they won't be deterred.
Trump has removed the only measures in place preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and after also backing out of the Climate Change agreement, the rest of the World must ignore the idiot in the White House because its fine when he is fouling up America but he is starting to leech outside North America and pollute the rest of the World with his atrocious actions and if war breaks out, this is exactly where the blame should go, straight to this moronic Presidents door.

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