Friday, 4 May 2018

Reluctantly, Jeremy Must Go

I like Jeremy Corbyn, i like what he stands for and a bit of Socialism is exactly what this country needs as the wealth gap widens but i can't help thinking that all the time he is the Labour Party leader, he hasn't got the required pull on voters to overthrow the Conservative Party.
With one of the worst Governments i can ever remember, and with the country in dire straits, Labour should be a shoe in to remove Theresa May and her band of not so merry men and women but the pollsters have the two main parties neck and neck and last nights local elections show that the electorate are not shifting towards Corbyn's party and that's worrying.
With a minus Midus touch, it seems that everything the Conservative's have touched for the past decade has fallen to pieces and for Labour to not capitalise amidst the swirling Windrush immigration furore should concentrate a few minds at the Labour Headquarters.
After 8 years of Conservative rule, the country is creaking at the seams from the underfunding of the NHS, the cuts in funding to public services and the slashing of the Civil Service.
If Labour can't brush aside the Conservatives now, then i can't see them ever doing it unless they replace the leader with someone more palatable to the electorate.
I'm sorry Jeremy, i think you are great but unfortunately not enough of us share that view to get you elected and in eight years, the Conservatives have run the country into the ground so we really can't afford another five years if Labour fail to overthrow them at the next election so fall on your sword Jeremy, for the good of the country.

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