Sunday, 9 September 2007

Blimey, We Won?

The words 'English' and 'sporting success' are rarely ever seen together in the same sentence but this weekend, the land of tea drinkers have been treated to a sporting style avalanche.
On one sunny Saturday afternoon India, America and Israel were all sent off with their tails between their legs and mumbling to themselves about how the hell did they lose to those pasty faced Englishmen.
Impressive against India at cricket, annihilated America at Rugby and Incomparable against Israel at football, we actually don't have to blame the referee for anything or point an accusing finger at Johnny foreigner for cheating us.
Not allowing the thought that the teams we beat are hardly giants in these sporting fields to ruin things (USA play Rugby?), we should all raise a cup and saucer to the mighty English sporting teams and bellow 'We are England, hear us roar!!
Better make the most of it because we all know by the end of the month it is back to being Pulverised by Portugal, Whipped by the West Windes and ambushed by Australia and it will be more a case of 'We are England, hear us whimper pathetically'.


Anonymous said...

I was going to point out the fact that only about ten of ud even know what rugby is, but you covered that, You are, indeed, an honest Puck.

Falling on a bruise said...

You did mean Puck didn't you and it wasn't a typo? Excuse the tounge in cheek xenophobia but we don't get much chance to celebrate winning sports over here and to win at 3 sports in the same afternoon is quite mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

No typo - just one of those moments when Shakespeare was relevant.