Thursday, 3 April 2008

Haven't You Faded Away Yet?

As i turned 39 over the last few days my mind has turned to the CD collection in my car and wondering if i should be changing the punk influenced guitar bands that dominate and settle into a more easy listening sound that more reflects my age.
Then i contemplate the horror of a car journey listening to the Rolling Stones and realise that i'm 39, not in a coma.
Why am i picking on the great grandads of pop you may ask, because i have never seen the attraction i would answer before mumbling under my breath what a damn cheek you have for questioning me.
The Stones have a film out apparently so the wrinkly ones have been clogging up our TV screens to promote the damn thing.
Formed in 1962, they have been hanging about for 46 years and have released 22 studio albums, eight concert albums and have had 32 singles in the top 10 but i would struggle to name a handful that i could actually admit to liking.
Sympathy for the Devil, I Can't get no Satisfaction, Brown Sugar and It's Only Rock N Roll i like but that's a pretty bad return for over four decades worth of material.
Maybe its me and i am guilty of being ignorant of the musical talents of the band or maybe they have just been around for so long that nobody wants to point out that actually, they suck and have sucked for a long time.
The band have had 8 UK number ones and all of them were in the 60s so i take it upon myself to stand up and say to Jagger et al, "Hey! You! Get off of my Cloud, Cd Player and Cinema Screen."
Who's with me??


Miz UV said...

I still like the wrinklies once in a while. Those you mentioned, plus She's A Rainbow, She's So Cold, and Start Me Up.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Frogette said...

I am. 46 years and they've just managed to fill a best hits album. Sad isn't it?

Cody Bones said...

Count me in Lucy, My God, count me in. Please, I beg you, count me in. They need to go far far away.

Oh, and BTW, Happy Birthday

annie said...

they may suck now but they were pretty fun, long ago. unlike lots of people.

39 is the god damned pinnacle of youth to this 50 year old. enjoy!

ruth said...

Happy birthday Lucy - the oldies are still good.

Stephen said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy. What do you think of the new Radiohead?

Daniel said...

Ah, Lucy, my most favourite person, I hope that you had or have a fantastic birthday celebration and you painted the town red, well whatever colour you prefer, and I hope you blew out all the candles in one go, and that some special person made your day (wink, wink), and you got heaps of presents and a letter from the Queen and a big cheque from Newstex and that you've given up smoking and are in training for a marathon...

Take care!

Cheezy said...

I think the Stones are nothing short of embarrassing these days, and have been since about 1973... but before then, I thought they were a brilliantly dirty and decadent rock'n'roll band. The four albums they recorded in the late 60s/early 70s were awesome: Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street. They still sound great today.

But still. That was a long time ago now. They should stop. Now.

It would be an appropriate birthday present for you :)

Anonymous said...

Today's great bands stand on the shoulders of giants. I only like 2 Stones songs myself but they influenced almost everyone that is recording today.


PS - My favorite from the olden days is Led Zeppelin. My current day favorite is Kutlass.

Jefe said...

"Gimme Shelter" is one of my favoritest rock songs of all time.