Saturday, 12 April 2008

Marathon Man

If you read any guide to a long and healthy life, it is a fair bet that it wouldn't recommend taking up smoking just after your seventh birthday and necking pints of bitter although if 101 year old Buster Martin wrote it, it may well do.
Not only is he still working as a van cleaner but he is set to compete in this weekends London Marathon after recently completing a half marathon.
In true stubborn old person style, he is refusing to change his lifestyle in preparation for the 26 mile Marathon and is continuing to smoke which he started aged seven and will not forgo his regular trips to the pub for his pints of bitter.
As someone who gets out of puff just typing the word marathon, i wish him well and suggest that the ideal preparation to running 26 miles is to pop in the pub beforehand and sink a few of those pints. If the urge to run persists, you haven't drank enough.


ZenYenta said...

Sounds like my kind of guy!

Lucy said...

I wouldn't chase him though, even at 101 he would be far fitter than me.