Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2009 Predictions

As the UK Psychics were so disappointing last year, i have expanded the search to Psychics all over the world with this years predictions coming from One World Psychics, a network of Psychics from all corners of the globe.
The majority of these psychics are predicting financial doom and gloom but you don't need a crystal ball to see that one coming so we can leave those to one side and look at the no nonsense, this-is-what-is-going-to-happen ones instead.

1. There will be an assassination attempt on Barack Obama
2. Gordon Brown will be forced out of office and an early election will be called.
3. A large number of C of E bishops convert to Catholicism simultaneously.
5. A dam will burst in the Far East – maybe China.
6. Victoria Beckham will become pregnant with a daughter.
7. There will be a knife attack on a top celebrity
8. Tsunami in Asia or perhaps an earthquake possibly in Malaysia.
9. Funerals for Bill Cosby and Robbie Williams and a close call for Nicole Kidman.
10. Kate Winslett to win an Oscar for best actress
11. A serious terrorist attack in the UK and less serious attacks in Germany.
12. Obama's first year overshadowed by a scandal involving his wifes financial dealings.

Bill Cosby and Robbie Williams had better not start reading any long books then and Kate Winslett should make an Oscar shaped space on her mantelpiece if these turn out to be correct. I shall return later in the year to see how many they have got right.


Don said...

Some are safe, some are random, but #3 is ridiculous. I don't get why psychics are given news space.

Cody Bones said...

I'm pulling for #9, especially Nicole Kidman

The Intolerant One said...

#1 is almost a easy pickings as those "attempts" were already being rumored long before he was elected. The other rumor (over here) is that he uses a body double and any attempt will be futile.

#2 Again, governments on the hotseat can almost (not neccessarily) gaurantee an upcoming election. We just went thru it over here. Easy prediction.

#3 Maybe but that one is a crap shoot at best.

#5 Know of any outdated dams in China?

#6 I doubt it. She likes her slim figure to much.

#7 A true pyshic (not that there are any) would have a name.

#8 "Possibly" Malaysia. Now they are just sounding like the weatherman. No confindence in that statement.

#9 I'll miss ya Bill.

#10 I predict she won't! 50/50 shot to see who is more in tune with "the future"

#11 C'mon, like terroists are even capable of not detonating themselves on the innocent for an entire week. Easy prediction.

#12 Nah, their too focused on the color of his skin. They keep calling him an African when he was born in the US. I predict that we will hear all about the first ever black American President for the next four years!

And those are TIO's 2009 counter predictions! :)

Falling on a bruise said...

I wondered why TIO had left out #4 and then noticed that i had left out #4. Ooops.
I took out the ones that predicted financial troubles (i'm as psychic as a snowman and even i can forsee that) and must have messed up the ordering.

I predict that Heath Ledger will win a posthumous Oscar, no UK election in 2009, New Orleans hit by another devastating hurricane, gun rampage in US or Finnish school , pop star dies of drug overdose and a new Pope.