Thursday, 4 December 2008

No Sympathy For Evicted Jewish Settlers

Usually, nobody wants to see people being tear-gassed and forcibly dragged away by riot police but the scenes of the Jewish settlers being evicted from the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank today has not garnished much sympathy for the evictees.
The treatment of the Palestinians is a real hot button topic and the continued building of settlements on Palestinian land and the wall that cuts deep into Palestinian land, always negates the Israeli claim that they are not involved in a land grab.
The 200 extreme right wing Israelis evicted from the building they called the Peace House, believe that the West Bank is Jewish by divine right and were prepared to use violence in their twisted quest to take further land from the Palestinians.
The previous evening, Palestinian homes and trees in the City had been attacked by settlers and set on fire, a Palestinian graveyard was vandalised and a settler opened fire on Palestinians civilians.
Inside the building, authorities found rocks piled to be thrown at security forces, including Palestinian gravestones taken from a nearby cemetery and acid Molotov cocktails.
I have no sympathy for the settlers who were described as 'Jewish Terrorists' by the Ha'aretz newspaper and while i wish that they would give up their illegally built homes peacefully, if they won't then let them be dragged out kicking and screaming because even that is a lot gentler than the underhand and violent tactics that the Israeli soldiers used, and continue to use, to grab the land in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Of course, Lucy, you're right! But while the riot police seem to be meting out justice, the Israeli Government, with American support, is crushing and starving the Palestinians and stealing other large tracts of their land including parts of East Jerusalem.

Mon Dieu!


Cody Bones said...

He just can't change his writing style or stay away, can he?


Annie said...

Bullies suck. At all levels.

Anonymous said...

Annie, you stand head and shoulders above some of your compatriots who...well...the best that could be said about them is...well, nothing comes to mind that is worth saying about them.

When your country pilloried France because it didn't join in its illegal invasion of Iraq we were tolerant. After all, the world knows that most Americans can't really help themselves.

As events have unfolded, we were right! No weapons of mass destruction were found and a million people are dead, mainly innocent civilians.

Une tragedie!


Noah "Nog" M. said...

Yeah, the settlements were a dumb idea in the first place. I guess the thought was that they'd help the Israeli Government retain control over those territories or something. They are so dumb in so many ways.

And I'm always for protecting property rights!