Sunday, 28 December 2008

2008 Predictions Revisited

With only a few days left of the year, i think we can revisit the psychic predictions made for 2008 and see how accurate the crystal balls and tarot cards of the folks at UK Psychics were when it came to foretelling the events of the past 12 months.
The predictions were:

Beijing Olympics cancelled.
Earthquakes in California and Greece.
A hurricane greater than Katrina striking the US.
Scientists discover something long held to be healthy is not.
India to be engaged in conflict.
Small nuclear detonation in the Middle East.
Major terrorist attack involving a missile.
Assassination of a major American politician.
Major volcanic eruption.
Riots in the UK.
Poignant space news.
White boat/ship with the name ELLE in the name making major news.

Maybe we can put it down to cloudy crystal balls but that is hopeless and a pretty disappointing return for a group of people who reckon they have a hot line to the other side. Hopefully they can give their crystal balls another wipe and do rather better with the 2009 predictions.


The Intolerant One said...

The best of the best are only known for their 2% "accuracy" rate. Lucy, just re-read all of those.

They are such vague/broad predictions that "allow" them to screw it up with lots of wiggle room. Not to mention some of their "predictions" were already in the process of happening. I say many have been listening to money sucking leeches.

Merry Christmas BTW & Happy New Year!

Cheezy said...

Maybe we're supposed to read non-literal metaphorical meanings into these predictions, like we're supposed to with the Bible these days?

e.g. A hurricane greater than Katrina striking the US.

Hurricane Obama?

e.g. Major volcanic eruption... the financial markets?

Just playing devil's advocate here! The Occam's Razor explanation is that psychics are full of it :)

Lucy said...

I know that some of these 'psychics' get paid, or rather used to get paid, by people for fortune telling TIO and i agree that they are usually vague and you can read events whatever way you want to make them fit but i disregarded the woolly ones and chose the most black and white to avoid wiggle room.
No mistaking it, they got them all brilliantly wrong.