Friday, 24 April 2009

Disgraceful Treatment Of The Gurkha's

Near the Ministry of Defence Offices in Westminster there is a monument dedicated to the Gurkha Soldiers with an inscription that reads 'Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you'.
Oh yes, this country sees you as a faithful friend when you are fighting and dying for Queen and country but if you want to live here afterwards, we'd much rather you sodded off back to Nepal.
It is an absolutely outrageous decision from this Government, and it takes some doing for a decision to be considered outrageous when you think what this mob have gotten up to, to place as many obstacles in the way of retired Gurkha's who want to come and live in the country they fought for to make it practically impossible.
I cannot imagine that there would be one person in Britain who would not support the cause of the Gurkha's and i fully expected the Government to hold up their hands, admit that they had a moral obligation to the Gurkha's and throw open our doors to them. I should of known better really.
In my mind, if you are prepared to die for this Country then you should have the right to live in it and the next time our country gets into a scrap and comes knocking on the Gurkha's door to bolster our forces, we should get it slammed forcibly in our faces.

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Anonymous said...


Seems you are right. The UK public is rightfully supporting the Gurkha's.

Though it does seem a bit two-faced... isn't it kinda being pro-military...