Monday, 6 April 2009

Happy New Tax Year

It's April 6th and that can only mean one thing, Happy New Tax Year to you!
I made a recommendation on here a while back that we should be able to decide what our tax is spent on. The Government in it's wisdom ignored me and continue with its system of PAYE where tax is deducted at source and Self Assessment where we put our hands on our heart, cross our fingers and tell them what we earned and pay a percentage of that into the countries coffers.
I'm sure that it wouldn't take too much effort to include a list of things that we are happy to contribute towards.
A page of tick boxes were we can say yes, i don't mind my taxes going to pay towards the police force, National Health Service, Ministers porn film expenses or bonuses for the employees of banks who have screwed up our economy.
Truth is they won't let us decide because if it was left to us the Prime Minister's pay packet would consist of 37p and half a jammy Wagon Wheel. Jacqui Smith's would be a 25% off Man size tissues voucher for her husband and the rest of them a carefully folded P45 and an appointment at the job centre .
The Inland Revenue collects around £600bn annually although that is expected to take a hit this year as business fold, unemployment numbers rise and Gordon Browns gambles with billion pound handouts to the banks bite but he dare not tinker with the 20% and 40% tax bands just yet. He dare not tinker with much to be honest because he is in no position to claw back more tax from those of us still working but just wait till things improve.
He, or whoever is in power then, is going to risk whiplash by how fast they are going to up the percentage of tax we pay so make the most of it because all this cash and VAT cuts he is dishing out is going to have to be recouped in the future and we will have to pay it.
Alternatively he could just stop wasting our taxes on dodgy wars, bankers bonuses and Ministers obscene expenses claims because just like Mr Smith when he is sat at home alone with the Virgin Media remote control and the Adult Channel, he needs to get a grip.


Kvatch said...

Of course, they canceled any further orders for F-22's. That might count as a positive. Damn things are expensive!

Cheezy said...

Great punchline :)

To be fair though, the bonuses paid to bankers over the years hasn't been anything to do with the government - and it's still nothing to do with the government in regards to banks who we - the taxpayer - haven't bailed out and now partly own (i.e. not RBS ~ that money's our's, not Fred's).

I totally agree about the wastefulness of starting stupid wars and having your MPs file dodgy expenses though.